How to increase self-confidence?



To increase self-confidence can be for someone a long and difficult journey. How to make it easier and how to handle it?


1. It is said that fine feathers make fine birds. If you look good, you feel good. I do not know about you, but for me it does not work. If my children let me, I’d rather lie in pyjamas all day in bed and cry in to the pillow, as if I had to do make-up and dress nicely. Anyway, have to remember that tomorrow is another day, and who knows? Maybe that will be the best day of your life.


2. It certainly also happened to you that somebody hurt you. You know, out there will be always somebody who places obstacles in your’s way. Someone envious, jealous, unhappy. It is his/her problem. You can do nothing about it, so take it as it is, take a breath and go on.


3. Think positive. Especially at the moment when you feel bad. Do not worry about the stupid things, life is too short and you have to take maximum of that. Listen to music, go to the cinema, read book to come to other thoughts.


4. Find your quality. Instead of telling yourself what you can not, focus on what you’re good at. And if you think you are not good at anything, think about what you like and enjoy doing and do everything to improve on that.


5. Spend time with people you trust and support you. Good friends believe in you, so believe in yourself.


I hope this helped somebody. You can find me on Instagram! Have a beautiful day!


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